Weclome to MakeYourPicks. We are dedicated to providing the best pools on the Internet. MakeYourPicks is not like other fantasy leagues. We currently have 4 different types of league to play in.

NFL Football
In the football league you pick every game (with or with out a spread which is determined by the league owner) and for every game you get right you recieve one point. One game for the week you designanate as a double and will count for two points instead of one. These points are calculated and a winner is determined. There is also an overall winner as all the points are accumulated.

Suicide (NFL)
In this suicide league you will pick one team every week. You only pick each team once for the entire year. Last man standing wins! Simple as that. "we organize your sports pools so you dont have to"

NCAA College Bowl
In the NCAA pool you will pick all the bowl games! You will get to rank them from most confident to least confident. The higher the confidence the more points you will earn. The person with the most points wins.

NCAA College BasketBall
This is march madness! You will fill out your bracket and watch the madness.

Join an already setup public league for free or create your own league for only $1 per person. We are accepting Acceptance Mark. It's easy and fun.

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